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Why is the Letter of Good Standing so expensive?

Some states require you to have a signed, notarized Letter of Good Standing from the ordaining organization before they will allow you to register to perform marriages in their state. There is no way to automate the creation of these letters: every single letter that is sent out must be hand-signed by both the Director of Ministry and a Notary Public. This makes the creation of these letters more expensive and time-consuming than the printing of certificates or identification cards.

Before you purchase wedding supplies from the Minister Supplies Store, please be sure to call (or visit in person) the County Clerk in the location where you will be officiating the wedding to find out exactly what documents you need to provide.

If you require a Letter of Good Standing in order to perform a specific wedding ceremony that you are planning, you should order the letter on or before the day that you submit your Ritual Notification for the ceremony through the Minister’s Dashboard

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