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Why do I have to pay for the Certificate and ID card?

Not everybody ordained into The Satanic Temple Ministry needs physical identification and documentation demonstrating their ministerial role.

There are many reasons someone might want a Minister Certificate and ID card. Some people plan on performing weddings in states that require the presentation of a certificate or ID card in order to register to perform marriages. Others may enjoy framing their ordination certificate and showing it off to their friends.

However, if you will not be performing weddings in a location that requires physical evidence of ordination, then you may not need these items. Automatically sending these items to every ordained minister would increase the price of registration for everyone. In order to keep the registration price lower, we let people pick and choose what physical items they would like to purchase for themselves.

The Basic Credentials Pack contains your high-quality, full-color printed Certificate of Ordination and your Minister ID Card should you want or require these items.

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