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My ordination has been revoked unfairly. Whom can I talk to?

From a legal standpoint, The Satanic Temple may disqualify you during your candidacy, or subsequently revoke your ordained status, at any time and for any reason without notice. We are interested in being fair and just in the application of our rules and standards.

If you feel your ordination was unfairly revoked, please reach out to the Ordination Council to request information about why your ordination was revoked. If you believe the decision was made based on an incomplete or incorrect understanding of facts, please make sure to include details and corrections with supporting material evidence whenever possible.

The Ordination Council is generally sympathetic to requests for information and strives to maintain a positive and constructive relationship with our members; however, the Council is not obligated to provide details about the revocation of your ordained status, and a failure to respond or a failure to provide reasons that you find satisfactory will in no way invalidate their decision to revoke your ordination. The ordination of ministry by The Satanic Temple is a relationship by mutual agreement; either party may unilaterally terminate without cause or reason given at any time.

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