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Can my ordained status be revoked?

Yes. Ordained status can be revoked for any violations of criminal law or The Satanic Temple’s Member Code of Conduct: violence, harassment, hate speech, dissemination of confidential information, or acting as a spokesperson for The Satanic Temple without prior explicit permission.

Revocation of ordained ministerial status is handled by the Ordination Council and Executive Ministry, can be executed unilaterally by either of those groups at their discretion, and takes effect immediately when their decision is made. The Ordination Council will attempt to contact you to notify you of the revocation of your ordination status; however, the termination of your status does not in any way depend on whether the attempt to contact you is successful.

Upon revocation, you immediately lose all rights and privileges associated with ordained status. Continuing to perform rites and services as an ordained minister after your ordination is terminated will result in legal action being taken against you.

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