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When should I buy the Basic Credentials Pack?

The Basic Credentials Pack contains your high-quality, full-color printed Certificate of Ordination and your Minister ID Card. Both of these items are imprinted with your name, your ordination date, and the date on which your credentials expire.

Because these items have an expiration date, you may want to purchase a new certificate and ID card when you renew your ordination. This will ensure that the physical proof of ordination that you have carries the correct future expiration date.

Many states require you to present these items to the County Clerk in order to register to perform marriages in that state. If you are performing a wedding ceremony, please call the County Clerk for the location to find out exactly what documentation you will need.

If you want to perform a wedding, and you have renewed your ordination with us but your credentials show a past expiration date, you should order your updated certificate and ID card prior to registering with the County Clerk.

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