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What restrictions are there on what I’m allowed to plan?

The Ordination Council needs to be notified of all ceremonies and rituals you plan to run.

Weddings and funerals have relatively few restrictions. If the event is expected to have an unusually large attendance, be media-worthy for whatever reason, or if you are planning unusual activities (e.g. fire performance, suspension, etc), the Ordination Council may reach out to you to ask questions or provide guidance.

Unbaptisms, Black Masses, and religious services are slightly more restricted. If you are in an area with a congregation of The Satanic Temple, you will not be allowed to organize one of these rituals without the consent and cooperation of the congregation. This holds whether you are a member of that congregation or not.

Finally, use common sense and professionalism. Remember that as an ordained minister, you are a visible representative of The Satanic Temple when you officiate any ceremony.

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