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What is the Society of Congregations?

The core religious activities of The Satanic Temple are carried out by two types of member group: Congregations and Campaigns. Congregations are focused on community activities and support, while Campaigns are focused on specific goals for bringing about material change in the world. Individual members of The Satanic Temple may belong to a Congregation, a Campaign, or both… or neither!

You may hear Congregations and Campaigns referred to as the two “pillars” of The Satanic Temple, because they form the foundation of our religious activities and they operate as distinct sub-organizations within our church.

The term “Society of Congregations” refers to the Congregation Pillar, but more specifically refers to their organization as a semi-autonomous self-governing group within The Satanic Temple that develops, implements, and monitors its own internal policies and procedures. The Society of Congregations encompasses the Congregations and its members, and the governing Committees that perform critical functions to keep the congregations operating smoothly, and other task groups and alliances that members create for the benefit of our religious community.

The Society of Congregations does not include the Campaigns, which constitute a separate pillar. There are also some groups that are part of TST that do not belong to either pillar: Executive Ministry, Suryan Council, Ordination Council, and SatanOps.

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