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What is the Executive Ministry?

The Satanic Temple Executive Ministry (also called “EM”) are the two co-founders of The Satanic Temple: Malcolm Jarry and Lucien Greaves. They focus on the development and expansion of the Temple, coordinate and respond to media coverage and inquiries, and establish overall standards for the organization to ensure that TST’s mission and goals are preserved. They also directly oversee the Campaign Pillar, working with the Director of Campaigns to coordinate, strategize and implement international campaign activities.

It is important to also understand what the Executive Ministry is not. They do not adjudicate or resolve complaints: Depending on the type of complaint, those should be directed to either the Suryan Council or one of the governing committees of the Society of Congregations. They also are not a direct contact for pitching ideas: Depending on the type of idea, those should be developed within either the Campaign or Congregation pillar. Leadership within those groups will be able to provide guidance on how best to proceed.

That these points aren’t meant to give the impression that “one must never!” reach out to the Executive Ministry. Both Lucien and Malcolm make a point of being in touch with feedback from members of The Satanic Temple. However, it is important for our membership to get out of the habit of thinking “oh, I’ll just go directly to EM!” whenever they have a problem or idea, because that process is unsustainable and increasingly creates problems as our organization grows.

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