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What is a TST Campaign?

TST Campaigns are goal-focused, and address very specific issues relating to the mission and values of The Satanic Temple. Each Campaign has a specific mission and is rooted in a theory of action for bringing about a concrete positive change in the world. The activities of the Campaigns are often, but not always, grounded on a specific principle that is directly tied to the separation of church and state. This principle has informally been termed “Lucien’s Law” in the media, and can be expressed this way:

When The Satanic Temple acts to exert religious rights or privileges taken for granted by majority religions in the United States, governments will either (1) censor The Satanic Temple, thereby opening itself to legal liability, or (2) remove the privilege entirely.

Each Campaign is managed by a director who reports to Executive Ministry and works with a Senior Operations Manager who coordinates activity between Campaigns. Campaigns have a much more traditional “top-down” organization than the Society of Congregations has because they have specific goals and often require coordinated action. Many campaigns have to respond to things that happen in the world, such as lawsuits or legislation, which requires both efficiency and specialized knowledge.

Members who believe they have an idea for a new TST campaign, and want to know how to start a TST campaign, have to begin by having a very specific social or legislative goal and an idea for how The Satanic Temple can achieve that goal. Not every cause that is important to our members can or should be a campaign. Many activities to support the causes that are important to our members and are consistent with our values can be accomplished through the work of Congregations and coordination of groups within the Society of Congregations.

For an up-to-date list of current Campaigns of The Satanic Temple, see: https://thesatanictemple.com/pages/campaigns

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