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What is a TST Congregation?

In the context of The Satanic Temple, a congregation is a geographically-defined member group that focuses on social activities, charitable works in the community, and other projects and activities that support, uplift, and enrich the religious lives of their members. Congregations vary in the types of activities they pursue, for example: some congregations focus on performing charitable work for their community, others focus on activities for the mental and emotional enrichment of their members, while still others get involved in local and regional social and political issues. Some congregations strive to provide organized events for their members frequently throughout the year, while others focus on having just a few congregation-wide events on special occasions. The number and variety of activities a congregation pursues are guided by their members and leadership.

The congregations of The Satanic Temple are sometimes collectively called the congregation pillar. Although congregations must conform to a set of rules and requirements set forth by The Satanic Temple in order to be a part of TST, the actual management of congregation business is carried out by committees that are composed of congregation leadership and that operate according to policies and procedures that have been adopted by, and may be amended by, the community of congregations themselves. The term Society of Congregations refers to The Satanic Temple’s congregations specifically in the context their policies and the functioning of their governing committees.

Congregations are defined geographically, meaning that they will accept as members Satanists who are members of The Satanic Temple who live within a particular region. Congregations usually do not have a particular meeting place, or even a particular city that serves as their center. Within the United States, for example, a congregation that serves an entire state may rotate its meeting locations to different cities for the benefit of members who live in different parts of the state, or they may define distinct regional groups within the state that meet in person and only hold congregation-wide meetings virtually. Congregations vary widely in their structure and operation. This is due in part to differences in number of members, i.e. a congregation with few members must organize differently than a congregation with a large enough membership to support separate regional sub-groups in different parts of the state or country.

To see an up-to-date list of active congregations, see: https://thesatanictemple.com/pages/find-a-congregation

Each congregation listed on that page includes multiple forms of contact information that you can use to reach out. Please keep in mind that simply being a member of The Satanic Temple does not entitle you to acceptance in a congregation. For more information, please read: How do I become a member of a TST Congregation?

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