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What is the Ordination Council?

The Ordination Council (also called “OrdCo”) manages the activities related to the ordained clergy of our church, including management of the online ordination program and support and management for activities of our ordained ministers. Some minister activities that are overseen by the Ordination Council include conducting weekly online religious services, managing requests for officiants from our community, maintaining a catalog of religious resources, developing an ever-expanding catalog of elective lessons, and putting on the annual Ministry Conference every November.

If you are experiencing a problem with your online coursework, have a question about the approval or renewal of your ordination, or are having an issue with any of the resources provided by the Satanic Ministry, such as the Minister Supplies Store, the SAMAEL Catalog, or religious services, please email the Ordination Council to ask for help (ordination@thesatanictemple.com).

The Ordination Council is one of the three teams that perform organization-wide functions, serving both pillars of The Satanic Temple. The other two such teams are the Suryan Council and SatanOps.

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