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Why did TST change from Chapters to Congregations?

The Satanic Temple reconceptualized its geographically-defined member groups as Congregations as part of the 2021 Transformation. This shift in language is partially symbolic: adopting the term “congregation” is a way to assert and affirm that our communities are religious communities that exist specifically to serve the religious needs of members of The Satanic Temple in the geographic areas where they operate.

The shift in language corresponded to some practical changes, as well. Congregations are focused on community and support: they are made up of Satanists in a particular region who are connected to each other by common religious identification, and often by common interests and experiences as well. Congregations aren’t franchises, or “extensions” of any other party or group. Their purpose is to provide for the religious needs of a Satanic community. This is one of the reasons why The Satanic Temple requires Congregation Heads to be ordained Ministers of Satan: in addition to performing a leadership and administrative role as congregation leaders, they also are responsible for the overall emotional health and well-being of their religious community.

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