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How do I find a Satanic minister to perform a ritual for me?

Some ministers ordained by The Satanic Temple are willing to perform certain ceremonies by request. The rituals most often requested of our ministers are Satanic weddings; however, people also reach out looking for a Minister of Satan to perform an Unbaptism, a Destruction Ritual, or some other Satanic ritual or ceremony. Sometimes these are private, personal events held among a small group of friends; other times, people are looking for a Minister of Satan to lead a ritual at a larger event. (For example, we have received a request from a metal band to have a Minister of Satan open a show with a Satanic invocation.)

If there is a wedding, ritual, or other ceremony that you would like to be led by an ordained Minister of Satan, you may submit a request using the form under the “Looking For A Minister?” heading at the bottom of this page: https://thesatanictemple.com/pages/satanic-ministry

Here are some tips to increase the chances that you will get a response:

  • Include the date of your event. If a specific date isn’t set, include the expected month or a range of dates when you would like it to occur
  • Include the location of your event. If that isn’t decided, include at least the city and state or country where it will be held.
  • Include the approximate size of the event. It doesn’t need to be exact, just an idea: Is it more like a small group of friends? Or more like of 50 person party with a DJ?

These details are important, because when you submit your request using that form it gets posted in a forum where it will be seen by our ordained ministers who have said they are interested in performing rituals and ceremonies for people. Those ministers look at the requests that get posted, and the first thing they look for is the location to see if it is near them. The second thing they look for is the date, to see if they will be available. Without those details, our ministers simply don’t know whether to even bother responding.

If a minister is in the area and available at the time of your ceremony, they will reach out using the email address you provide to find out more. If you do not get a response to your request, you may submit a follow-up, but remember: the most likely explanation if you don’t get a response is that we simply don’t have anyone who is available in your location for your event. Leading rituals and ceremonies is an entirely voluntary activity that is up to the discretion and availability of our ministers, and we get a large enough volume of requests that we simply cannot promise that every request will receive a reply.

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