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What is “SAOP” and what does it stand for?

The Satanic Agenda Opportunity Program (SAOP) was put in place by The Satanic Temple Ministry to ensure that the ordination program can be maintained as a common baseline requirement for all leadership positions without creating an undue financial burden or excluding otherwise talented and interested people from the roles where they can best contribute.

SAOP is currently piloting two programs: the SAOP Leadership Fund and SAOP Self-Financing. You can find out more details about each on their respective pages by following the links.

You can choose to donate money to the SAOP Leadership Fund even if you are not interested in becoming ordained (or you are already ordained). Every dollar donated to that fund is put into a pool that is exclusively made available to our members who are not yet ordained but who have been selected by their peers for a leadership position that requires ordination. The more funds we have in this pool, the more leadership positions we will be able to offer assistance for.

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