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I want to be an ordained Minister, please help!

This article has the complete instructions for potential ordination candidates, and answers all questions about what you should do if you want to become a minister ordained by The Satanic Temple, no matter where you live or what your situation is. If you email the Ordination Council asking how you can be ordained, you will be directed to this page. If you use the help form on The Satanic Temple’s website to ask about becoming ordained, you will be directed to this page. If you email or message random people in TST leadership to ask about ordination, they will tell you to email the Ordination Council, who will then direct you to this page. You get the idea: read this page.

The easiest way to use this page is to start with the first question and read through the questions in order until you reach a description that matches your situation. If your answer to a question doesn’t appear as an option following the question, then proceed to the next question in the list. Please do not skip around: if you do not scan through the questions in order, starting from the beginning, you may miss important information or instructions.

Ready? Begin:

Are you a Satanist?

NO: We are a non-theistic Satanic organization, and only ordain Satanists. (LEARN MORE) Click “Learn More” for other options, or if you are unsure and want to know more about what being a Satanist means to TST.

Are you a member of The Satanic Temple?

NO: We only ordain members of The Satanic Temple, but becoming a member is easy. (LEARN MORE)

Are you seeking ordination so you can officiate an upcoming wedding?

YES: This is not what ordination by The Satanic Temple is for. Being a Minister of Satan represents having a strong commitment to Satanic values and a connection to our religious community. It is not a means-to-an-end. (LEARN MORE)

Are you seeking ordination as a way to become a chaplain?

YES: Chaplaincy is a great way for ministers to deepen their connection to their community, but we advise against seeking out ordination as a stepping stone to that goal. (LEARN MORE)

Are you a member of an official TST Congregation?

YES: Great! You can talk to your Congregation Head to find out what options might be right for you. (LEARN MORE)

Is there a TST Congregation near you?

YES: Apply to join! (LEARN MORE) If your application has been rejected or several months have passed with no response, proceed to the next question.

NO: Contact other congregations in the region to feel out whether it makes sense to pursue starting a new congregation. (LEARN MORE)

Are you involved with any TST Campaigns?

YES: Great! You can talk to your Campaign Director to find out what options might be right for you. (LEARN MORE)

NO: Look over the active TST campaigns and find one that inspires you to get involved. (LEARN MORE)

Have you reached out through one or several of the above avenues and not gotten any response?

YES: Please be patient and courteous, and devise a plan for how and when you will follow up. (LEARN MORE)

Have you tried everything described here, and only found closed doors?

YES: There are many, many ways you can participate as a member of TST and enjoy our religious community without being (or striving to be) an ordained minister. (LEARN MORE)

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