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What legal agreements do I have to sign to become a Minister of Satan?

Ordination Candidates are required to sign three agreements in order to successfully complete the program and become an ordained minister with The Satanic Temple: the member Code of Conduct (CoC), the General Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and the Conduct Agreement for Ministers of Satan (CAMS). Together these three documents are sometimes called the “Minister Agreements Packet” or simply “Minister Agreements.”

The Online Ordination Course incorporates digital signing of these documents into the steps required for completion of the program. As a candidate, after you finished the ten lessons and final exam, you will be taken through a process to digitally sign the Minister Agreements. That is followed by a short quiz on the contents of the Minister Agreements. (The quiz is designed to be straight-forward, and you may keep your signed documents open if you would like to refer to them while you take the quiz.) After you pass the quiz on the Minister Agreements, you move on to the final requirements: your essay, the background check, and the Letter of Approval.

Because legal contracts can be intimidating, the Ordination Council has also created a Companion Guide for the Minister Agreements, discussing the meaning and context of many of its terms and example situations to illustrate what scenarios do and do not violate the contract. The Companion Guide is available for download to ordination candidates on Minister Agreements course page.

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