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What is a Letter of Approval?

A Letter of Approval (LOA) is a letter that an ordained member of leadership in The Satanic Temple sends to the Ordination Council at the request of a candidate that describes the leader’s relationship to the candidate and an assessment of the candidate’s fitness for becoming an ordained Minister of Satan.

The LOA is required for a candidate to successfully complete the Ordination Program and become a Minister of Satan; it is not required to graduate from the Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) Program.

If you want to know why we require LOAs for our ministers, check out: Why do you require a “Letter of Approval” from an ordained member of leadership?

If you are a minister who has been asked to write an LOA and are not sure whether you qualify to write one, check out: Who is allowed to write a Letter of Approval?

If you are a minister and you need to renew your ordination, you might be interested in: Is a Letter of Approval required for both Ordination and Renewal?

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