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Will TST help me to _____? (Wrong Answers Only)

This page is a round-up of some of the misguided questions we receive via email and on social media. The purpose of this page is not to poke fun at the people who are asking: in many cases English is not their first language and they are writing from countries that don’t have much cultural context for what The Satanic Temple is doing.

That said, we want to be absolutely clear about the answer in all of the cases listed below: No, the Satanic Temple cannot help you. Please look elsewhere.

  • Get rich
  • Sell my soul
  • Join the Illuminati
  • Curse my ex
  • Cast a love spell
  • Win the lottery
  • Become famous
  • Get more sex
  • Achieve eternal life

If you want to know what The Satanic Temple can do for you, please check out: What are the benefits of joining TST?

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