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How do I become a member of The Satanic Temple?

The answer depends on what you mean by “become a member” and what you want to do with your membership. If you just want to officially declare yourself as aligned with our church, all you need to do is sign up on the main website. It is free and easy, and you will receive TST’s email newsletter. However, signing up on the main website does not actually get you connected to any of our communities or member groups.

The two main types of member groups through which people get involved are congregations (regional social groups that get involved in local activities and provide community support) and campaigns (volunteer teams focused on social and political outcomes). You can find out more about each in these articles:

Congregations: How do I become a member of a TST Congregation?

Campaigns: How do I volunteer for a TST Campaign?

To become a member of a congregation or a campaign, you will have to apply directly to that specific congregation or campaign. Different groups have their own membership requirements, and may or may not be accepting new members at the time you are interested. You should reach out politely to find out if they are accepting applications, and find out what their application process is like. Please remember always to be courteous, and that you are not entitled to membership in any of these groups.

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