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How can I get more involved (even if I can’t join any groups)?

We often get requests from people who want to get involved somehow, but for whom joining a congregation or volunteering for a campaign are just not reasonable options. Often these requests come from people who are interested in becoming ordained Ministers of Satan, who have discovered that in order to meet the requirements to enroll in the program they first need to get involved with other members of TST.

Even if you are not involved in any campaign or congregation, that doesn’t mean that you are excluded from the culture and resources that The Satanic Temple has to offer. For example:

  • Register for the Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) online training program and earn your Certificate of Satanic Scholarship! This is the same coursework used for the training of our ordained ministers, but we have made it available to anyone who is eager to learn.
  • Participate in our weekly online religious services. Anyone can join and watch services as an audience member, or even join as an interlocutor and be on the panel on the live-stream.
  • Check out other events on The Satanic Temple TV. Live events always have a text chat running, so you can meet and talk to other members who are enjoying the show. A subscription to TSTTV is only $6.66/month, but you can sign up and watch live events for free.

All of these activities can introduce you to other TST Satanists, and give you an idea of what sorts of projects and activities our members are involved in.

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