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Am I allowed to be a member if I have supernatural beliefs?

Yes. You can join TST if you have supernatural beliefs that are incongruent with ours, so long as you support our values and our mission.

It is important for you to understand, however, that our religion is non-theistic and non-supernaturalist. We are a separate and distinct religion from Wicca, neo-paganism and neo-heathenism, and other occult or left-hand path traditions. We are also a distinct religion from Luciferianism and other theistic Satanic traditions. Holding metaphysical beliefs that don’t align with our religion doesn’t disqualify you from joining our organization; however, it’s important for you to think about why you are joining and what you hope to get out of your membership in The Satanic Temple.

For example, The Satanic Temple Ministry will only ordain a member whose religious views align with ours. Congregations will usually not grant full membership to non-Satanists, although many have allies groups that will allow you to participate in community events and projects. As you explore your participation in The Satanic Temple, you will find what type of being a member is right for you.

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