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How can I cancel my TST membership?

If you would like to be removed from the main member database for The Satanic Temple, please click here. That will also ensure that you no longer receive The Satanic Temple’s monthly newsletter or other email communications.

However, signing up on the website isn’t the same as becoming a member of one of our member groups, as discussed in detail in the article: How do I become a member of The Satanic Temple? That means the inverse is also true: cancelling your membership through the main website does not automatically remove you from other volunteer and member lists that you may have signed up for that are associated with specific groups or activities within the organization.

If you volunteered for a Campaign at some point in the past, your name may be added to a list of potential volunteers for that Campaign. Cancelling your membership with The Satanic Temple may not automatically remove you from lists of potential volunteers. If you do not want to continue to receive such emails, you may want to reach out individually to each group you have signed up for or participated with to confirm that you are off of their individual lists. The same holds true for membership in local congregations, and participation with groups that are separate from but related to The Satanic Temple, such as The Satanic Temple TV.

Our lists of ordained ministers and members who are interested in ministry also are independent. So, if a minister allows their ordination to expire, they will be automatically removed from the list of ordained ministers, but they are not automatically removed from mailing lists for people who are interested in the topic of Satanic Ministry. As a result, if you were an ordained Minister of Satan and you allow your ordination to expire, you will stop receiving communications that are specifically for ordained ministers; however, you may continue to receive communications for people who are interested in ministry unless you reach out specifically to cancel those communications.

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