What is an unbaptism ritual?

One of the most well-known Satanic rituals is the unbaptism ritual. This ritual symbolizes the rejection of previous superstitious impositions and an embrace of one’s individual sovereignty and enlightenment. For people who were baptized into a theistic religious tradition as infants, the unbaptism ritual is a symbolic reversal that frees them from a religion that was forced on them without their consent. Members of TST who are unbaptized feel empowered, freed, and forge a closer connection to their satanic identity in the rejection of the baptismal ownership under god.

Unbaptisms come in many forms, and can be adapted for many situations. For example: Minister Chalice Blythe has written a small unbaptism ritual that can be performed by a single minister unbaptizing a single recipient; Minister Ash Phenex has written an unbaptism for a large group; and minister Shiva Honey has even written instructions on how to unbaptize yourself in a solo ceremony. TST Ottawa has even published an Unbaptism Video on Youtube.

If you are interested in participating in an unbaptism ceremony, you can reach out to a congregation in your area to see if they are planning any unbaptism events.

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