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What is a gender affirming ritual?

One of the core affirmation rituals available for members of The Satanic Temple to perform as part of their religious practice is the gender affirming ritual. These rituals serve as both celebration of the self and a declaration to the self and others of one’s true identity. Their purpose is to dispel any shame or stigma surrounding one’s gender identity due to religious discrimination or cultural ignorance.

Many suffer persecution at home and in public spaces because of their gender, and laws and proposed legislation in many states promote harassment and induce mental distress to any individual attempting to receive necessary medical assistance to live wholly and authentically as the gender they truly are. Misinformation, religious doctrines that disregard science and the autonomy of others, and societal pressures can weigh heavily on any person simply seeking to make the best choices for themselves to live full lives.

Minister Joe Dee has created a Gender Affirming Ritual Series that an individual can perform on their own, with options that can be used in connection with gender affirming hormone therapy, gender affirming surgery, and the celebration of legally changing one’s name. They also have created a variant of the Gender Affirmation Ritual can be performed with the guidance of a Minister of Satan. The latter affirmation ritual also incorporates Destruction Ritual elements to release yourself from the incorrect gender identity forced upon you by oppressive societal systems.

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