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I want a Satanic wedding! What should I do?

If you would like a Minister of Satan ordained by The Satanic Temple to officiate your wedding, you may put in a request using the form under the “Looking For A Minister?” heading at the bottom of this page: TST Satanic Ministry (https://thesatanictemple.com/pages/satanic-ministry).

Requests submitted through this form will be posted so that ministers who have an interest in officiating weddings will see the request and can respond if they are local to the area that your wedding will be held and available on the planned date of the ceremony. If you do not include the location and date of the ceremony, you are unlikely to get a response. If have not decided on a specific location for your ceremony, please include at least the city and state or country where the ceremony will be held. Without that information, ministers will have no idea whether your ceremony is near them and they will not respond. If you do not receive any response, the most likely explanation is that we simply do not have any ministers in your area who are available at the time of your ceremony.

If a minister reaches out to you, the first step will be for you to discuss with them what type of ceremony you are looking for. You may have something very specific in mind, or you may be hoping that the minister will help you to create a vision of the perfect Satanic wedding. Either of these is ok! Many people who request a Minister of Satan do not necessarily want a Satanic wedding. For example, some couples are looking for a more traditional wedding that their family members will feel comfortable with, but that contains some elements consistent with their own Satanic beliefs. Others are not Satanists, but are members of other minority religions and are having difficulty finding someone sympathetic to performing a ceremony in (for example) a pagan tradition. The initial discussion you have with our minister will be your opportunity to lay everything on the table and talk about what you are looking for.

Our ministers have a wide range of skills, interests, and experiences. Some of our ministers are comfortable performing a wide range of different types of wedding ceremony, and others are not. We ask our ministers to be thoughtful about only performing ceremonies where they feel confident they will create a beautiful and memorable experience that meets your highest expectations. If our minister feels that they cannot perform the ceremony that you are looking for to the best of their abilities, they will let you know immediately so that you can pursue other options.

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