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What topics are covered by the coursework?

You can get details about the coursework by reading the Ordination Course Curriculum. The high-level outline of the lessons of the ordination program is:

Lesson 1: What is Satanism?

Lesson 2: Heretics, Outgroups, and Witch Hunts

Lesson 3: Enlightenment, Science, and Democracy

Lesson 4: The Life of Satan

Lesson 5: Cults and Theocracies

Lesson 6: Modern Satanism

Lesson 7: Culture War, Violence, and The Undoing

Lesson 8: The Satanic Panic

Lesson 9: The Satanic Temple

Lesson 10: Satanic Ministry

The coursework for the ordination program is almost identical to the coursework required for the Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) program, although currently Lessons 5 and 9 are omitted from that version.

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