What is an Interlocutor?

An interlocutor is someone who appears on the live stream with the minister for the discussion portion of The Satanic Temple Ministry’s weekly religious services. Sometimes interlocutors will be pre-aranged or the minister may ask the audience if they would like to participate.

Each week, the minister leading the service determines whether they are opening the discussion to general audience members. If they are, then the chat moderator will post a zoom link in the chat that you can then join if you want to be one of the interlocutors. If the minister leading the service has a “closed panel” (i.e. they have selected their interlocutors ahead of time), then no zoom link will be posted in the chat but you may still watch the entire discussion as an audience member and participate via the live chat.

For more information about how our religious services are structured and what the different roles are, please check out the main Services @ Temple page.

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