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How do I find accurate information about The Satanic Temple?

It can be tough to get good answers to questions about The Satanic Temple. News stories are usually limited to talking about specific events or things The Satanic Temple has done. The official TST website (thesatanictemple.com) has some solid basics, but doesn’t give much direction for people who want to know more. The community-driven website The Satanic Temple TV (www.thesatanictemple.tv) is good for meeting people, but not for answering questions. Even the ordination program website (ordained.satanicministry.com) can be limited, often telling you what you need to do but not telling you how to do it.

Moreover, there are numerous sources of wrong information out there: innocent mistakes by people who don’t know any better, lies by people who have a personal vendetta, and pages that were accurate five years ago but haven’t been updated since. There are scam artists who reach out to unsuspecting victims, posing to be affiliated with TST so they can threaten or coerce people into sending them money. There are trolls looking for their “15 minutes of fame” who think that they can get attention by claiming that TST has wronged them in some way. The sheer volume of incorrect, insincere, and untrustworthy information you can find about The Satanic Temple not only makes it difficult to find accurate answers, it can be an active deterrent that stops people from wanting to look at all.

It is tempting to just post questions to social media platforms like Reddit or Twitter, or to search on community content platforms like TikTok or Youtube. It is quick and easy, and you will certainly get answers. Unfortunately, most of the answers you get on those platforms will be wrong or (best case scenario) incomplete.

This website—the Satanic Ministry Help Center (faq.satanicministry.com)—is an attempt to provide accurate and complete answers the most common questions we see, and to combat some of the inaccurate and misleading information people often come across.

To get started, use the search bar on any page of this website, or browse the categories listed on the home page.

Finally, if you are ever unsure of the authenticity of any person or group who is claiming to be affiliated with The Satanic Temple, these are some things you can do to check:

  • Official Email Addresses. Leadership in The Satanic Temple almost always have an email address that ends in either @thesatanictemple.com or @thesatanictemple.org. They may also use a different email address for convenience, so if you are having doubts about someone who has contacted you claiming to be leadership in TST, simply ask them to email you from their official TST email address. If they are communicating with you over social media and they refuse to provide an email address, stop communicating with them immediately. They are not associated with The Satanic Temple.
    • Exception to the rule: If a person claims to be a minister and claims that they have not received their official email account yet, that might be true. In that case, ask the person for their name and their Minister ID number. Send an email to the Ordination Council (ordination@thesatanictemple.com) with the person’s name and ID number and ask them to verify whether it matches a minister they have on file. If the person refuses to provide their Minister ID number, stop communicating with them: they are not associated with The Satanic Temple.
  • Official Websites. Websites and social media profiles can always be faked. Before you engage with any website or social media page or profile that claims to be affiliated with The Satanic Temple, check the main TST website (thesatanictemple.com) to see if there is a back-link. For example, the Satanic Ministry domain (satanicministry.com) has a link on the “Satanic Ministry” page of the main TST website (thesatanictemple.com/pages/satanic-ministry). Similarly, before interacting with a Facebook page claiming to represent a TST congregation, look on the official congregation page (thesatanictemple.com/pages/find-a-congregation) to make sure you can find the congregation, and to make sure the URL of the Facebook page is listed. The same applies to TST campaigns (thesatanictemple.com/pages/campaigns). For example, the URL of the Sober Faction Facebook Group can be found on the Sober Faction page on the main website (thesatanictemple.com/pages/sober-faction). If you cannot find the name or URL of the group you are looking for anywhere on the main TST website, they are most likely not affiliated with The Satanic Temple.
    • Exception to the rule: The main TST website isn’t always updated promptly. If you do not find a match between the social media page that looks like it might be official and any listing on the main TST website, you can take a final step of sending an email to mail@thesatanictemple.com with the name of the group and the URL of the page, asking them to confirm its authenticity.

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